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Essex Citrus Dry Gin - Ginporium Shop

Essex Citrus Dry Gin

70cl | 40% ABV

Essex Citrus Dry Gin is a take on the classic ‘London Dry’ Gin style, it is different in name but only slightly different in style due to our ‘high tech’ production methods.

What you will find in the bottle is a very traditional style of gin, slightly refined with uplifted flavours from our distilling methods:


  • As with any great gin, juniper leads from the front, the juniper is soaked in alcohol for 48 hours (macerated if you’re fancy) to extract the maximum amount of flavour.
  • Following closely behind are the flavoursome citrus accompaniments of Lime & Grapefruit (we use the fresh zest of limes and grapefruits to get the most taste from the essential oils in the surface of the fruit).
  • To add balance, depth and warmth we use a small amount of cinnamon & nutmeg.
  • To round the gin off we use the traditional botanicals of coriander seed and orris root. These are found in any great gin, they help to bridge flavours and fix aromas making the gin a more rounded & generally delicious product.
  • Finally, we use a herb called 'lemon verbena' & a few leaves from our grandmother's bay leaf tree in her back garden to give the gin a herbaceous balance. We wanted to keep it truly local, and let’s face it, bay leaf is packed full of delicious flavour!

Please be aware, when making a purchase, that the recipient of any package must be over the age of 18. ID may be requested upon delivery. 

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